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Customer Service Outsourcing

Outsource non-core competencies to the world's #1 BPO to streamline customer service and back-office functions

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Companies our team and technology has worked with:


Our Tech-Enabled BPO Comes with:

  • Next generation BPO company that thinks automation first and leverages humans to handle exceptions and more complex work

  • We are business process experts that apply six sigma methodology to help you scale

  • Combines AI technology with talented offshore labor and expert processes to create a seamless experience for your customers and your business

  • Provides customized solutions for fast-growing companies, not a one-size-fits-all approach

  • Unique pricing model that offers a huge ROI

Outsourcing Services:

Customer Care

  • Call Center

  • Email Support

  • Live Chat Support

Back-Office Outsourcing

  • Data Labeling

  • Data Collection

  • Document Processing

Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence:

Content Moderation

  • Process optimization

  • Process automation

  • Maintenance and management

  • Protect your brand's reputation

  • Ensure your platform is safe

  • Social media monitoring

Automation Services:

Finance and Accounting

  • Invoice Processing

  • Data Entry

  • Accounts Receivables

  • Accounts Payables


  • Employee On-boarding

  • Employee Off-boarding

  • Payroll Reporting

  • Keeping Employee database up to date

Information Technology

  • Ticket creation

  • Triage and Resolution

  • Unlocking locked user accounts

  • Employee on-boarding and off-boarding

Contact Center

  • Chatbots

  • After call work and notes

  • Screen pop

  • Change of plan/order

  • Order or shipping status

Why We're Different:

Global Talent Pool: Access to talented labor worldwide

 AI-Powered Support: Faster, better support at lower costs

 Innovative Pricing Model: Incentivizes automation and cost savings

Process Automation: Streamlined operations for faster results

Next-Generation BPO: Leveraging technology for better outcomes

Scalable Solutions: Ready to scale with your business

Our Approach:

Quality-Driven Approach: Our team of experts uses six sigma methodology and efficient processes to ensure maximum productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

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