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Public Sector Services

Modernize processes and automate them end-to-end to delight citizens.

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Public Sector

Automation Solutions for the Public Sector

Stealth Scaling is on a mission to automate boring, time consuming processes for federal, state, and local governments.

We streamline manual, time-consuming, routine tasks for government personnel so they can focus on more strategic work that makes a positive impact on our economy.

Our AI can mimic human keystrokes and analyze screens to move data from old systems to new ones—quickly, securely, and without errors.

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Stealth helps ensure veterans and the military get amazing care by streamlining tedious and repetitive tasks.

We have pioneered a new, intelligent automation platform designed to be accessible to the masses. Traditional RPA software takes a lot of time and money to set up. Utilizing a human-in-the-loop approach allows companies to reduce liability and ensure consistent, high quality performance. We take care of the time consuming work that's holding you back, giving your business the ability to rapidly scale.

Nick Tubis

Founder and CEO | Stealth Scaling

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Public Sector Services

Partnership Benefits

Contact Center Optimization

Make it easy to move data into a very easy to use interface. Speed up AHT by pre-populating data to help improve first call resolution and improve the customer experience.

Claims Processing & Benefits

Verify identity​ and confirm the correct benefit payments and remittance details.​ Flag suspicious or incorrect transactions​. Scale up or scale down based on seasonality.

Document Processing

Extract data from any document—digital, paper, PDFs, or handwritten.​ Enter data into forms and capture systems accurately and tirelessly.​ Digitize and expedite backlogged paper.

Public Sector Services


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